Adventure racing is an endurance sport which involves travel on foot (trekking or running), mountain bike and by water (canoe, kayak, raft, occasionally swimming).

What differentiates AR from other racing sports is the inclusion of wilderness navigation using a map, compass and common sense. There is no set race course; participants must find their own route from one checkpoint to the next. The checkpoints (CPs) are marked on maps which the racers receive shortly prior to or at the start of the race. AR also differs from other sports in that racers are part of a team of 2-4 people who travel together the entire time.

The races can last from several hours to many days and are unsupported, for the most part, which means that the racers carry what they will need (food, water, gear) in backpacks for the duration of the race.

To succeed, racers will need athletic endurance, navigation skills, mental toughness, good pre-race planning, strategic decision making as well as a strong and supportive "team" mentality.

Sound intimidating? While it's true that longer races can test even the toughest outdoor athletes, AR is a very open and inclusive sport. Beginning racers will feel welcome at nearly every event. Most races are organized so that anyone at any level of experience and fitness can participate. You can find a race near you on the calendar at the USARA website.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Multi-terrain team ride around Nottingham

Our new favorite training exercise - MTB riding around beautiful, rolling Nottingham-area roads with a route based on a loose plan and what looks like a good idea at the time. This edition was a bit over 3 hrs, 30 mi and 2k climb.

A video of Rob flexing on a power section after I told him he couldn't ride it.

A video of more typical terrain

Nick leading the charge on some technical terrain we ended up on

Still dealing with some spring runoff

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